Park Features

Lincoln Landing Tour

Dr. Dennis Cremin a History Center Professor, Director at Lewis University gives you a tour of the must-see attractions at Lincoln Landing.

Lincoln In Three Poses

Lincoln in Three Poses, the focal point of Lincoln Landing, sits at the original edge of the canal, giving viewers an indication of its former width. The mule boy metal figure on the west side of the canal would mark the other bank.

David Ostro, sculptor, sought to create both a traditional and contemporary statue of Abraham Lincoln. The first Lincoln pose is reaching into the ground, at what used to be the old canal wall. The second Lincoln pose is getting up from his seated position, clenching something in his hand. The third Lincoln pose is standing–suggesting movement and growth. It appears that Lincoln has just put something in his shirt pocket.


My inspiration came from figuring out how to physically weave Lincoln into the fabric of Lockport and the I&M Canal. Now a minor stream, the canal was once a major bi-way, a transformative force upon the entire state and country, not to mention Lockport itself.
David Ostro, Sculptor

Park Medallion Game

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Lincoln Landing: Curriculum

In addition to being a spectacular historical landscape, the park has a number of interpretive elements. In a larger context, the park provides a point of departure to investigate themes such as the growth of the United States, immigration and migration, and urban studies. There will be 10 individuals featured in the park. Young visitors will enjoy searching for the hidden clues in the landscape, which provide insight into the people featured and their lives. Everyone will enjoy learning a little bit about a canal boat captain, a local farmer, a renowned poet from Lockport and other fascinating figures from the past.